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Franklin Templeton
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Franklin Templeton Shootout 5K
presented by Greg Norman Estates
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Prize Money

PlaceTeam TotalEach
1st Place$770,000$385,000 each
2nd Place$485,000$242,500 each
3rd Place$290,000$145,000 each
4th Place$230,000$115,000 each
5th Place$200,000$100,000 each
6th Place$180,000$90,000 each
7th Place$170,000$85,000 each
8th Place$165,000$82,500 each
9th Place$160,000$80,000 each
10th Place$155,000$77,500 each
11th Place$150,000$75,000 each
12th Place$145,000$72,500 each
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