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Billy Horschel & Hunter Mahan - December 10, 2015


DAVE SENKO: Well, guys, Hunter and Billy, maybe just some quick thoughts on your round, then we'll get some questions. 13-under today.

HUNTER MAHAN: Yeah, I thought Billy played really nice, played really well off the tee, and this is a golf course that can be kind of punishing off the tee if you don't hit it well. So he put the ball in play a ton today and hit some great iron shots and we kind of ham-and-egged it on the greens and made some putts. Making two eagles on the back nine, he hit a great chip-in there and hit a great approach onto 17 and that was a nice putt. It was great teamwork on that putt there because that was kind of a tricky read and he read it right in. It was nice to finish the way we did. The golf course really lends itself to a strong finish so it's nice to kind of keep the momentum going.

BILLY HORSCHEL: Yeah, I felt, like he said, pretty solid today. I felt like Hunter had it going on the greens. I wasn't putting a lot so it's weird when I had to hit a putt, you don't have that flow, that rhythm of hitting putts. And we're not allowed to hit putts after we finish. I just kept hoping that I could read putts if he need me to read them, and I'm like man, I sure hope he makes them because I don't have any rhythm in my putting game right now, but I was hitting it good and hitting good iron shots. So like he said it was a great ham and egg out there today, something you do in this format and something you do in all three days actually. So hopefully tomorrow if we shoot 13-under tomorrow in the modified alternate shot, I think we're going to come in here with some pretty big smiles on our face.

DAVE SENKO: Eagles on 14 and 17. What was the shot sequence on 14?

BILLY HORSCHEL: We took my drive and my 3-wood on and then my chipin on 14. But Hunter hit the shot before so he gave me some good knowledge.

HUNTER MAHAN: I was in a good spot, I was fine.

BILLY HORSCHEL: He allowed me to be a little more aggressive. That's what you need. You need the first guy to hit a good shot. If it's great, it's great. If it's not, then you allow that second guy to be a little more aggressive, take something on and I was able to do that. On 17 Hunter hit a great drive. I hit a good 5-iron in there and Hunter I had a really good read on the putt and I knew he had been stroking it well, so I was just hoping the read I gave him was a good one and I was dead center. I mean, you couldn't hit a better putt than that.

DAVE SENKO: The chip-in on 14, how far?

BILLY HORSCHEL: I would say 15, 20-yards. I mean, whatever the pin was on and another four yards off the green.

DAVE SENKO: And then on 17, the putt?


HUNTER MAHAN: Yeah, 12-feet.

Q. Are you surprised there aren't a little bit more lower scores? This is the format that everybody usually takes off on. There's not going to be that many I think in double digits even, maybe four or five teams?

BILLY HORSCHEL: Yeah, I think, usually this format goes low. Usually you see some 16 under, possibly 17. Obviously you've seen Kooch and English shoot that years past. But I was just telling Hunter early on, the pins on the front side, there were some really good pins. The pin on No. 6, that par 5 tucked behind that bunker, the pin on No. 5, the par 3, tucked behind that ridge, same thing with the pin on 4 tucked behind that ridge. So there were some really good pins out there today which I think sort of lent to not nearly as many low scores, a little bit higher scores. I mean, that was my take from it because there was not much wind out there, pretty good conditions to play golf in.

Q. Billy, I think you had mentioned this on the broadcast, tomorrow is what you consider the toughest. Can you kind of elaborate on that? And both you guys maybe talk about what are some of the keys. Does communication become even more important tomorrow or what kind of things do you feel like are the keys?

BILLY HORSCHEL: I think the key is sort of in the modified alternate shot just like the scramble is you want to get two balls in play, two balls in the fairway so you can figure out which one who wants to play. Maybe if he's driving it well, you know, if we're both driving it well but he's hitting better iron shots that day, he's feeling good with his iron game, then let him hit the iron shot type deal. Just a little bit of back and forth, but just trying to be smart. Try to obviously in alternate shot you don't want to leave your partner in a bad spot, but at the same time you need to be aggressive, keep making some birdies. Realistically, if we can shoot 10 under tomorrow, I think would be a great score. In modified alternate shot I don't know what the low is, but maybe anything 8, 9 under is a good score. I can't remember what I shot here last year. I think Poults and I actually played really good in the modified alternate shot. I think we played better than we did in the scramble format. So just giving yourself opportunities, put yourself on the green. It's easier to make a birdie on the green than it is trying to chip it in or something.

HUNTER MAHAN: I've never played before, so I'm not really sure. I've never played the modified alternate shot, I was kind of learning about it. You both hit your tee shots and kind of go from there. Like he said, this place, it's defense. If you don't hit it well off the tee, there's no rough so it's either fairway or it's either all or nothing. From there you can really be aggressive and attack the pins because the greens are soft. Like he said, you hit fairways, give yourself chances. And getting around the greens isn't too bad and you can be aggressive when there's going to be there were definitely some tough pins out today but you can be aggressive with your irons because you know it's really not going to bounce offline or anything like that.

Q. Is it a little hard to have with the scramble you can figure out, okay, I'm going to be first or go second or whatever, but once you pick your tee shot in modified alternate shot you're just kind of left to whatever the other person does and following up on it.

BILLY HORSCHEL: Yeah, I mean, it just depends. Sometimes, the majority of time you're going to take the ball that's closest to the hole, but sometimes maybe the one that's a little bit 10 yards further away, has a better angle in, it just depends. I've played it with DiMarco my first year and sometimes he didn't like it hitting certain iron shots. He didn't want to hit the iron shot so I had to hit the iron shot from his tee shot. It's just whoever feels comfortable. If one of us is in a little flow with the iron game, let him keep going, keep riding that horse all the way.


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